Isar Chang | About
Graphic designer just graduated from Rochester Institute of Technology who loves concept development, illustration, and playing with typography.
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Hey there! I’m Isar.

(Pronounced just like the two verbs “is” and “are”.)

Born and raised in Toronto, I ventured out to the US because of a desire to explore. After graduating from the School of Design at Rochester Institute of Technology, I now work full-time at a lovely shop named Small Planet Digital in New York City, helping create world-class apps (and eating lots of pizza). Concept development, illustration, and typography are just a few of my creative interests. Old sitcoms, looking up cool tech, and collecting enough tea for the next three lifetimes are a few not-as-creative but equally vital interests of mine.

If you’re interested in working on a project together, please don’t hesitate to email me at Or you can tweet me cat GIFs, that works too.